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A44 was born in 2013 with the goal of making games we want to play. 


Located in Wellington, New Zealand our team is a sophisticated group of game developers and world-leading visual effects artists who excel at meticulous gameplay and cinematic experiences. 


We blend the bravery of an independent studio with the quality of AAA development to make great games. There is nothing in this world we would rather be doing.





We have an exceptionally strong production and project management presence that is geared towards presenting the truth and anticipating project needs in order to create excellent games.

We live our truth by being open and honest with each other, so we can deliver games that our players will love and remember. This also allows us to grow and mature as a studio and nurture a healthy work environment.



Derek Bradley, CEO

Derek Bradley is the CEO of A44 Games, an independent games studio based in Wellington, New Zealand. He was the Game Director on ASHEN, the company’s first title, which was released world-wide at the Annual Game Awards in 2018.


Hayden Asplet, Director of Software Engineering

Hayden’s love for video games started at a very young age, and making a career out of it was a no-brainer. He discovered programming at high school and pursued it rigorously ever since. He now oversees all technical departments at A44 Games as the Director of Software Engineering.

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