A44 Games is a world leading video game developer based in Wellington, New Zealand. Founded in 2013, our studio has grown from a small indie studio into a burgeoning AAA game studio. 


We are looking for full time game developers to join our growing team. The ideal candidate will be experienced in video game development and have an eagerness to become an integral part of our future growth plans. 

To apply please email your CV, portfolio & cover letter to:



As a Senior Animator, you will be one of the driving forces that will bring the game to life. You must be able to develop convincing performance and movement for combat, characters and creatures. You will be working directly with the animation lead, producers and other developers so you need to be an effective team player.

Skills required:

  • Must produce high quality animation for the game

  • Understanding in all areas of character creation such as Rigging, Modelling and Texturing 

  • Must be able to scope out tasks and provide accurate timeline and schedule to complete

  • Excellent time management skills

  • Excellent attention to detail 

  • A good communicator and an effective team player

Experience required:

  • 2+ shipped console title or equivalent

  • Minimum of 5 years in experience in the games industry, including 2 years as a senior animator

  • Experience in AAA games

  • Excellent knowledge in Maya and Unreal Engine 4 


As a Senior FX Artist, you will be creating a wide variety of effects for our game. You will be working closely with leads, producers and other developers. As a senior team member, you are expected to work effectively and perform to a high standard.

Skills required:

  • Must be an expert in creating assets in external DCC application such as Maya, Houdini and Photoshop

  • Must be an expert in Unreal Engine 

  • Good understanding of Niagara System

  • Ability to create high quality visual effects for the game 

  • Strong knowledge of visual communication through effects 

  • Ability to work with production and prioritise tasks to ensure deliverables are completed on time 

  • Solve technical problems and issues 

  • Strong communication skills 

  • Be able to mentor the team as required 

Experience required:

  • 2+ shipped console title or equivalent 

  • Minimum of 5 years in experience in the games industry 

  • FX Concepting skills a bonus